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u all keep talking about the next supreme and the only thing that comes to my mind is 2011 supreme shirts

I’ve always thought Get Lucky sounded like a boring song that moms workout too

Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday @ The 54th Annual Grammy Awards 2012

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AT THE GRAMMYS!  Let’s do this!!😜😜😜


AT THE GRAMMYS! Β Let’s do this!!😜😜😜


Any rock fans excited for metalica tonight ?

What is it with pop songs mentioning Jeffrey Dahmer

1612th to Lorde: Be honest with me do you have Aspergers

Remember last years Grammys when We Are Young beat out Frank Ocean on multiple occasions and a lot of people on Tumblr were pissed


January 26: Justin today in Panama!


January 26: Justin today in Panama!

Anonymous: I had a dream where you were relogging actually funny stuff and I woke up and checked but no you're still doing the pseudo shit.

cellar door by coryjohnny for tumblr.