Adam l 19 l Gay

Me: Drinks anyone?

*pours 1 teaspoon of beer into tiny glasses*

Dinner guest: Sort of queer bird isn’t he? 

*Antique cuckoo clock goes off*

*everyone giggles*


i apologize for my unreasonablle, hateful, and homophobic post

American Horror Story was good the first season for the most part and the second season I actually liked more even though it was flawed but this season it seems like the writers had a Tumblr and were just going for the sassy one liners that everyone would relate to plus every season has been more and more sexualized I’m surprised it is still considered a horror show. 

I like living in the midwest because a lot of the times people forget about us when we get most of the extremes of all the four seasons plus we aren’t annoying like people in the south freak out over a little snow and people in the northeast freak out over Hurricane Sandy and want all the attention in the world because the world revolves around them because Hurricane Katrina was nothing compared to Sandy. Then you have people on the west coast who talk about earthquakes which nothing has happened in like 30 years so they all orgasm over In-N-Out burgers because they all actually ate meat and didn’t eat tofu vegetarian stuff for once.


u all keep talking about the next supreme and the only thing that comes to my mind is 2011 supreme shirts

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I’ve always thought Get Lucky sounded like a boring song that moms workout too

Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday @ The 54th Annual Grammy Awards 2012

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AT THE GRAMMYS!  Let’s do this!!😜😜😜


AT THE GRAMMYS!  Let’s do this!!😜😜😜


Any rock fans excited for metalica tonight ?

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