Adam l 19 l Gay

Anonymous: You're like the weird kid at school who sits at the back of the classroom and everyone's stays the hell away from him cause you'll prob start a mass murder, like I can see it so vividly and you come on tumblr to release all your negative energy and spew out all your corny pathetic jokes just to gain some attention cause your parents genuinely could not give a shit about you, please go outside and make real friends idk get a hobby do something cause you're shit is getting repetitive and boring

So many emotional Super Bowl commercials I’ve cried 4 times already! Each time after I jump off my bed and say “woke up like this…” and then I bend over so my butt is in the air and put my hand on my butt ¬†and say “flawless” like Beyonce! I know its goofy but everybody on Tumblr love Beyonce and I want to fit in.

Gonna go make an arm hair joke on one of Nash Grier’s instagram pictures. Who dares me? I’m not afraid I’m used to being naughty *giggles quietly*

Chris Lilley aka Ja’mie King once played a character in blackface. Please post the address of anyone who has ever reblogged a Ja’mie King caption gif.

Imagine you go to Subway and ask for a foot long peanut butter and jelly. They say they don’t make that! All of a sudden a man eating cuts his arm and start bleeding profusely and you point at the bloody arm and tell employee to use the blood as jelly!

cellar door by coryjohnny for tumblr.