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Do you think anybody ever told Joseph Merrick about his white privilege 

Anonymous: this is random but I used to be obsessed with your tumblr because you're fucking hilarious and then i got over tumblr all together like 2 years ago and just came back and I'm so happy you're still here aw

Thank you my blog will never die it is the most consistent thing about this website


imagine a 87 yr old lady sitting in front of computer reading hate messages, wearing floral leggings and an over-sized floral shirt, puffy slicked back hair and big glasses… ”kill yourself and ur racist ass” she reads ”o que isso significa joão?” she asks me because she doesnt speak english

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I think people get off on here by calling everybody who does not have the same exact opinion as them a shitty person.

Hopefully they never stop airing those Shirley Temple boxset infomercials.

Anonymous: r u even real?

cellar door by coryjohnny for tumblr.