Adam l 19 l Gay


mommy washed my plastic pants


mommy washed my plastic pants

If this gets 10 likes I’ll go blow a raspberry on my dads scar he had surgery on a few days ago

I just turned my oven on to 500 degrees and put an old toy I used to play with as a kid in there because we are the generation that gives 0 fucks.

Stab a dead animal spread its blood and guts all over your face and start singing Summertime Sadness because you we all a little absurd like ET porn and Human Centipede cause our ass all truth tea. Faggot reclaimed slur by me now. We all reblog gopteens and watch Its Always Sunny cause satire we love. Our asses in the air 2 shits not given. Sex positiveness through the roof cause Kinsey reports and Sigmund Freud all teach us that children and animals are sexual beings. Depression and social anxiety the white people of mental illness. Don’t glorify it though even though we love Tina from Bobs Burgers. How many people on missing Malaysian flight POC? Sports! Sports! We all socially aware cause of our eyebrow game. Just ran into a movie theater and was like “automobile gangster” like Nicki Minaj we all so saucy tonight.

How Iconic would it be if I actually had aspergers 

Imagine catholicnun in backseat with her rich dad driving and she in backseat playing with a lighter


satire is “I’m going to take this concept to an extreme or absurd level in order to demonstrate how bizarre/nonsensical/illogical it is” and not “I said something bigoted but just kidding I didn’t really mean it hahaha”

I’m so glad Tumblr is finally educating people on what satire is and laying out the rules of satire 


My blog is not cookie cutter. Very thought provoking and angers many. Got a cult following. Hope to reach critical acclaim some day.

*walks in with lemon in hand and takes bite of it like it is an apple without wincing*

Me: So what’s the skittlebutt? What is everyones favorite Laverne Cox quote?


If you think about it I’m kind of the Lupita Nyong’O of Tumblr!

I never understood the point of trigger warnings like I thought everybody loves horror movies and stuff on this website.

This websites social justice has became so predictable and dumb it is like that Green Day song Minority being played on repeat now.

cellar door by coryjohnny for tumblr.