Adam l 19 l Gay

Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home is for sale! Like this if you are studying sociology and or psychology and maybe we could all chip in and buy it together? Have a hangout for us all to discuss the newest Bates Motel and Aileen Wuornos’ impact on feminism? You all hear American Horror Story set in carnival this year!?


Me: Drinks anyone?

*pours 1 teaspoon of beer into tiny glasses*

Dinner guest: Sort of queer bird isn’t he? 

*Antique cuckoo clock goes off*

*everyone giggles*

Anonymous: i am a whatafuckinfamilypicture Stan for life. please continue blogging because you bring thought-provoking dialogue and Austin Mahone manager realness to my dash, hunty!

assbirth: haha your pathetic


I love Adam whatafuckinfamilypicture so much he comes up in my autocorrect

Me: “Used to be so ignorant and a shitty person in 2011, but now…*puts arm around one person and looks at them in the eyes* we all educated and self aware..*puts arm around another person on my other side and looks them in the eye and smiles* and we not shitty people. Now if you would excuse me my problematic ass got to go to the bathroom. *gets up and starts strutting towards bathroom where I see a little white toddler waiting outside bathroom while owner inside using bathroom, I grab him and show him to my Tumblr friends and say “hey look at this pasty white ass demon” and pull the mayonnaise out of my backpack and spread it all over their face. “Now eat a saltine” *Mom comes out and gets angry* Me: “Put your location on bitch I want to fight” *takes out chocolate spread grabs toddler and rubs it all over toddlers mouth and forces his mouth to my butt* “He eat ass!” *everybody at our Tumblr table laugh as angry mom grab toddler and leave*

Anonymous: what happened to you?

I am above posting on this website. 


Hey it’s whatafuckinfamilypicture!

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AU: After a rough break up with Britney Spears, Harry decides it is time to be honest with himself. He begins to publicly open up about his Bisexuality. But to the shock of his Christian mother. She doesn’t handle it well and kicks him out. In an interview, Harry tearfully admits that his true love is Louis Tomlinson. When questioned about if she knew of Louis and Harry’s secret affair, Britney reacts both shocked and disgusted because she was sleeping with Harry while he slept with Louis. 

cellar door by coryjohnny for tumblr.