Adam l 19 l Gay


The neighborhood graffiti problem is getting worse.


The neighborhood graffiti problem is getting worse.

Lets drag some more people who problematic! Any straight males we get to call out right? I bet Zayn Malik and Drake are rapists too! Both over 18 and I bet they have been attracted to a girl under the age of 18 and even if they didn’t act on it or say or do anything it is internalized and that makes them scum! Need Olivia Benson on the case! She got a kik? Zayn the bae though… and we want his cum right?


I haven’t posted in a month! Iconic!


Hey it’s whatafuckinfamilypicture!

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You’re all so strong for telling your stories I don’t even know what to say i want to hold all ur hands….


Me: Drinks anyone?

*pours 1 teaspoon of beer into tiny glasses*

Dinner guest: Sort of queer bird isn’t he? 

*Antique cuckoo clock goes off*

*everyone giggles*

Anonymous: i am a whatafuckinfamilypicture Stan for life. please continue blogging because you bring thought-provoking dialogue and Austin Mahone manager realness to my dash, hunty!

tattynutnut16: haha your pathetic


I love Adam whatafuckinfamilypicture so much he comes up in my autocorrect

cellar door by coryjohnny for tumblr.